Monday, November 14, 2016

It's Here!

After what seemed like a long wait (but I'm told really wasn't) the St. Johnsbury station model arrived from Jim Rindt's workshop!

This was the first time I'd commissioned a professional to build a structure for me - I really enjoy doing that kind of thing myself - but I was glad to have had Jim build this station.  It is beyond my modeling capabilities (at least as they now exist).  That said, I've learned a lesson in patience as it took nearly two years for the station to be built.  At various times I wondered if I'd ever see the finished station, and gave thought to how to re-configure the layout if it never appeared, but now I'm glad to have it.  Jim did a very professional job; thank you!

The station is going to be a signature structure on the layout, and with it now in the house I can get busy fitting it into the St. Johnsbury yard scene.  More to come!

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